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 Hello and welcome To eo life here are some eo servers Top 3

1: Fallen Evoulotion: Players 69:  HOST: : Port 8078

2: Bones Underground: Players 58 : Host: : Port 8078

3: Endless Edge: Players 32 : Host: : Port 8078

How to get Into A Private Server:

First is to download rl endless online.

then go to eo setup.

then when ur at eo setup right the ip down

after that click save and play eo. 
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Eo life how to make a eo server

josephxx, Jan 20, 11 8:38 PM.
How To Make A Endless Online Server ~Eoserv~

This Will Teach You How To Make Your New Endless Online Server. If You Have Problems Please Fill Free To Leave An Message Or Email Me. All You Need To Make Your Server Is Here.


Step 1: Ok Now You Need To Download The 4 Needed Files For Making Your First Endless Online Server.

Setting Up Programs

Step 2: Now You Go To Wamp Server Download Then Click It Let It Download The Installer, When Finished Click It. Click Next Read The Agreement Then Tick I Accept And Next, Click Browse And Save It Were You Want. Click Next Again Then Install.

Step 3: Ok Now Download Win Rar And Wait For It To Get Done Now Click The Install Icon. Now On The Window Click Install, After Its Done Were You See "Associate Winrar With" Go Under It And Click Select All. Then Click Ok And Done.

Step 4: Now After Downloading Eoserv 0.5.0 You Should Have Installed Win Rar. Go To The Eoserv Folder -> Right Click -> Extract Now You Should Get A New Folder, Now Open It And Minimize The Eoserv Folder.

Setting Things Up

Step 5: Ok Now Go To The Wamp Server Icon On The Bottom Right Tool Bar, Right Click It And Click PhP My Admin. A Page Will Pop Up Now You Should Put Eoserv In The First Box And Click Create. Now Go To Import And Click Browse And Go To The Eoserv Folder You Extracted On Step 4.NowFindTheInstall.SqlNote Pad Then Click Open. Then You Should See "Go" Click It.

Step 6: Ok To Make A Name For Your Endless Online Server Go To The Eoserv Folder And Click Config After Opening The Note Pad Hit "Ctrl + F" A Box Will Come Up Type In "ServerName" Then Change "Untitled Server" To Your Endless Online Server Name.

Running Your Server


Step 7: Go To The Eoserv Folder And Click The Eoserv.Exe And A DOS Black Window Will Appear. Let Everything Load And Minimize It. Then Just Go To Your Endless Online Client "Learn How To Customize The Endless Online Client Here" Ok Go To The Config And Change The Ip To127.0.0.0
  • Is What You Use To Log In Its The Local Host Of Your Computer.
  • The Ip You Use After Portforwording Which Will Be Covered In A Different Tut. Will Be What Others Use To Log In ""

Thank You For Reading

I Almost Forgot You Know The Pthreadgc.dll Well After Downloading It Copy The Dll And The Read Me Note pad To Windows/System The Link Should Look Something Like This

This Will Fix The Error "Cant Find Pthreadgc.dll
+1 Doesn't your finger get tired from hitting shift all the time? --Sausage

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